Bosch Hightech Components
Expertise and Experience

Expertise and Experience

Benefit from our years of experience as one of the world's leading ceramic manufacturers.

Everything from a single source

Everything from a single source

We offer you advice and service along the entire process chain - from your initial idea all the way to serial production.

Precision and Innovation

Precision and Innovation

Latest material development combined with innovative manufacturing technologies allow the implementation of your previously unrealizable ideas.

Our solutions

High-Performance ceramics in Medical Technology

Accept challenges
More complex, more precise, more economical! We are setting new standards in the fields of automation, precision and complexity using the latest manufacturing technologies. By using advanced metallization processes we offer innovative solutions for functional integration.

Accept challenges

Design materials
Our technical ceramics are biocompatible, wear- and temperature-resistant, high-performance materials. We develop solution-oriented materials specifically to meet your requirements.

Design materials

Realize design ideas
New technologies such as ceramic injection molding and 3D printing processes allow complex functional components with the highest precision and almost unlimited geometrical design possibilities.

Realize design ideas

Deliver quality
In Medical Technology you can benefit from the high quality standards of Bosch - whether for individual solutions or in large serial production. We offer the highest quality at competitive prices.

Deliver quality

From the initial idea to the finished product - Everything from a single source

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1. Materials development

We rely on tried and tested materials of our extensive portfolio and develop new materials for specific requirements. Thus we provide your products with unique features.

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2. Process development

We advise and support you in the implementation of the design of your component and in the integration of the most varied functions based on our extensive simulation and production know-how.

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3. Tooling technology

We design and manufacture all our tools exclusively at Bosch plants in Germany, thus guaranteeing maximum precision.

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4. Manufacturing technology

Our manufacturing processes include the rapid and cost-effective production of prototypes. We implement your requirements based on the latest manufacturing technology.

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5. Finish and packaging

As a full-service supplier, hard machining, coating and assembly is part of our service package. Our quality standards are based on the automotive industry.

Bosch Hightech Components: From the initial idea to the finished product

Expertise and Experience

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Manufacturing know how

As one of the world's leading ceramic manufacturers, Bosch produces nearly one million parts per day.

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Functional integration

Bosch provides a wide range of functional ceramics for ESP (Electronic Stability Program), spark plugs or lambda sensors for vehicles.

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Customized solutions

Bosch has been a specialist in high-quality customized solutions for more than 100 years.

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Everything from a single source

By using this competence you can be supported by Bosch Healthcare Solutions from development to serial production and benefit from our competence for your solutions in medical technology.

Process chains - Your benefits at a glance

We offer a variety of processes for producing high-quality ceramic products for the medical industry. Based on your needs and our long-standing experience, we select the appropriate process together with you and achieve optimal results.

Process chains
* Ceramic Injection Molding
* Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing
Pressing Process CIM Process Additive Manufacturing
Pressing Process
+/- 1% from the nominal dimension
CIM Process
+/- 0,5% from the nominal dimension
Additive Manufacturing
+/- 0,5% from the nominal dimension
Freedom of design
Pressing Process
CIM Process
Additive Manufacturing
very high
Recommended quantities
Pressing Process
medium to high
CIM Process
medium to high
Additive Manufacturing
from 1 piece
Sample production
Pressing Process
within 8-10 weeks
CIM Process
within 8-12 weeks
Additive Manufacturing
within 2 weeks

Advantages and characteristics of high-performance ceramics

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  • Bio compatible with living tissue
  • Extremely stable in a sterilization process
  • Corrosion resistant to blood, NaCl solution, acids and alkalis

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Mechanical strengths

  • High wear resistance for lasting durability
  • High mechanical strength, particularly against compression
  • High hardness

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Electrical performance

  • Electrically insulating
  • Sensor functionality by conversion of forces, pressures and accelerations into electrical signals
  • Piezoelectric for ultrasonic and actuator applications

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Thermal advantages

  • Thermal insulation due to low to medium thermal conductivity
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • High temperature resistance

About us

The product field Hightech Components is part of Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH, a wholly owned Bosch subsidiary. It was founded in 2015 with the aim of contributing to the health of people and of improving their quality of life with its own products "Invented for Life".

As an innovative company with world-renowned quality standards, Bosch also makes available its resources in the field of ceramics technology to be used in individual and industrial production. Bosch Healthcare Solutions combines creativity and engineering skill, in-house precision tool and system construction, a perfectly attuned team and the mastery of robust processes. We manufacture all our components in Bosch plants in Germany.

Discover the possibilities of high-performance ceramics together with us.

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